REF IDName of AgencyTitle of ProjectType of TenderDate Tender Closed
CK222302Te Aponga UiraPower Cable Replacement Project (Pokoinu Sub to Airport PC2 sub)Open Tender3:00pm Thursday 22nd September 2022 ( CI Time)
MMR RFQ">MMR RFQMinistry of Marine ResourcesMMR Clustered Storage SolutionRequest for Quote4:00pm Wednesday 21st September 2022 ( CI Time)
EOI-ICI 2203">EOI-ICI 2203Infrastructure Cook IslandsEXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) - Manihiki Airport Improvement Project – Project ManagerExpression of Interest3:00pm Tuesday 06th September 2022 ( CI Time)
BCI - EOI Service Providers Required">BCI - EOI Service Providers RequiredBank of the Cook IslandsEXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI)
Service Providers Required
Expression of Interest12:00pm Wednesday 07th September 2022 ( CI Time)
JFPR01">JFPR01Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementProcurement and Installation of a Medical Waste SystemRequest for Quote3:00pm Monday 12th September 2022 ( CI Time)
EOI-ICI 2202">EOI-ICI 2202Infrastructure Cook IslandsEXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI)
Manihiki Airport Improvement Project – Plant & Operator Hire
Expression of Interest3:00pm Tuesday 30th August 2022 ( CI Time)
RFQ-GCF-Project Preparation">RFQ-GCF-Project PreparationMinistry of Finance and Economic ManagementGreen Climate Fund – Project Preparation Request for Quote4:00pm Wednesday 22th August 2022 ( CI Time)
ICIRFQ2223-01">ICIRFQ2223-01Infrastructure Cook IslandsICI Consultancy PanelsRequest for Quote3:00pm Thursday 25th August 2022 ( CI Time)
RFQ202301Ministry of Education2023 School Stationery Request for Quote Process Request for Quotes4:00pm Friday 29th July 2022 ( CI Time)
EOI-ICI 2201Infrastructure Cook IslandsExpression of Interest (EOI) - Alternative Technologies of Residual Waste for the Cook IslandsExpression of Interest3:00pm Thursday 21st July 2022 ( CI Time)
RFQ-MMRMinistry of Marine ResourcesAquaculture Facilities UpgradeRequest for Quotes4:00pm Tuesday 21st June 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212217Te Aponga UiraPower Cable Installation Project (Matavera Sub to Titam Sub)Open Tender3:00pm Friday 3rd June 2022 ( CI Time)
SWRFQ#011Cook Island Investment CorporationRarotonga Hospital IT Storage & Office FacilityRequest for Quotes3:00pm Thursday 2nd June 2022 ( CI Time)
SWCRFQ#012 Cook Island Investment CorporationVaikapuangi Project Preliminary Structural DesignRequest for Quotes3:00pm Friday 27th May 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212216Cook Islands Investment CorporationMinistry of Justice Accessibility ImprovementsOpen Tender4:00pm Tuesday 31st May 2022 ( CI Time)
EOI - Panel of COVID-19 Response ServicesMinistry of Finance and Economic ManagementPanel of COVID-19 Response ServicesExpression of Interest3:00pm Wednesday 23rd March 2022 ( CI Time)
RFQ-MMR01Ministry of Marine ResourcesRequest for Quotation – Renovation of the Aitutaki Marine Research Centre Office BuildingRequest for Quotation4:00pm Wednesday 23rd March 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212215Infrastructure Cook IslandsTakitumu School Road Upgrade Project - Supply of Guardrail FencingOpen Tender3:00pm Tuesday 26th April 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212212Cook Islands Investment CorporationSenior Asset Management AdvisorOpen Tender3:00pm Wednesday 9th March 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212213Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of Water Tanks and Fittings for PenrhynOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 25th February 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212211Ports AuthorityRebuild of Pa Ariki Barge - AitutakiOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 18th February 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212213Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of Water Tanks and Fittings for PenrhynOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 25th February 2022 ( CI Time)
Ref: D0082Ministry of Corrective ServicesMinistry of Corrective Services – Policy for Change of LegislationRequest for Quotes4:00pm Wednesday 09th February 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212204Ministry of TransportTechnical Assistance service to prepare a Land Transport Policy and Bill Open Tender4:00pm Friday 11th February 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212209Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education - ICT Office EquipmentOpen Tender4:00pm Friday 07th January 2022 ( CI Time)
RFQ202202Ministry of EducationMOE Apii Nikao Sound Proofing Request for Quotes4:00pm Thursday 06th January 2022 ( CI Time)
CK212201Ministry of Marine ResourcesLegal Adviser (Legislation Project)Open Tender3:00pm Wednesday 15th December 2021 ( CI Time)
CK212209Cook Islands Investment CorporationMental Health Facility Construction Open Tender4:00pm Friday 26th November 2021 ( CI Time)
CK212206Office of the Prime MinisterStrengthening Institutional Arrangement for Disaster Risk Management in the Cook IslandsOpen Tender3:00pm Wednesday 17th November 2021 ( CI Time)
RFQ202201Ministry of Education2022 MOE School StationeryRequest for Quotes4:00pm Wednesday 10th November 2021 ( CI Time)
CK212203Ministry of Finance and Economic Management - Economic Planning DivisionEconomic Recovery Roadmap (ERR) Programme Development CoordinatorEconomic Recovery Roadmap (ERR) Programme Development Coordinator4:00pm Saturday 9th October 2021 ( CI Time)
UNDP/NES#4National Environment ServiceNational Safeguards, Gender & Community Engagement SpecialistRequest for QuotesTuesday 17th August 2021 ( CI Time)
UNDP/NES#3National Environment ServiceNational Sustainable Land Management/Protected Areas & Livelihoods Specialist (Deputy Team Leader)Request for QuotesTuesday 17th August 2021 ( CI Time)
MMR-AMRCMinistry of Marine ResourcesPlanning, Design and Construction services for the renovation of the Aitutaki Marine Research Centre Expression of InterestTuesday 24th August 2021 ( CI Time)
UNDP/NES#1National Environment ServiceInternational PPG Project CoordinatorRequest for QuotesTuesday 17th August 2021 ( CI Time)
UNDP/NES#2National Environment ServiceInternational Environmental Policy & Governance SpecialistRequest for QuotesTuesday 17th August 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202120Airport AuthorityRarotonga Airport Apron ExpansionOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 09th August 2021 ( CI Time)
CK192021Ministry of Cultural DevelopmentSupply of Furniture and FurnishingsOpen Tender4:00pm Friday 30th July 2021 ( CI Time)
CIICRFQ03Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC)Consultancy PanelsRequest for Quotes3:00pm Friday 30th July 2021 ( CI Time)
CIICRFQ02Cook Islands Investment CorporationProject Works Supervisor, Arutanga Harbour Channel DredgingRequest for Quotes3:00pm Monday 14th June 2021 ( CI Time)
CIICRFQ01Cook Islands Investment CorporationWastewater Treatment System, Punanga Nui MarketRequest for Quotes3:00pm Monday 14th June 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202116Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Coastal & Flood Hazard Mitigation Data Collection (LiDAR)Open Tender12:00pm Mid-day Monday 8th June 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202117Airport AuthorityRAROTONGA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT MACHINERY SHELTEROpen Tender12:00pm Mid-day Tuesday 27th April 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202115Infrastructure Cook IslandsTe Tautua Medical Centre ConstructionOpen Tender12:00pm Mid-day Monday 12th April 2021 ( CI Time)
CKQ202101Infrastructure Cook IslandsTe Puka Sanitation Upgrade Asset Data CollectionRequest for Quote12:00pm Mid-day Thursday 08th April 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202109Infrastructure Cook IslandsManihiki & Tongareva Airport Improvement Design ServicesOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 29th March 2021 ( CI Time)
RFQ202101Infrastructure Cook IslandsNassau Rain Water Harvesting Shelter Upgrade Project Request for Quote12:00pm Mid-day Thursday 25th March 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202105Infrastructure Cook IslandsEmpire Bridge ReplacementOpen Tender12:00pm Mid-day 22nd March 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202112Avaroa Cables LimitedCompound ProjectOpen Tender3:00pm Monday 01st March 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202114Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of Bitumen and AdhesiveOpen Tender12:00pm Wednesday 24th February 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202111Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of 10 Ton Tipper Truck and ImplementsOpen Tender12:00pm Thursday 11th February 2021 ( CI Time)
AAEOIAirport AuthorityRAROTONGA AIRPORT TERMINAL EXPANSION PROJECTExpression of Interest6:00pm Monday 1st February 2021 ( CI Time)
CK202107Office of the Prime MinisterRFT - Data Centre ColocationOpen Tender4:00pm Wednesday 2nd December 2020 ( CI Time)
CK202103Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementTHE PROVISION OF BANKING AND RELATED SERVICES INVOLVING THE PUBLIC ACCOUNTOpen Tender3:30pm Friday 27th November 2020 ( CI Time)
CK202106Office of the Prime MinisterHyper-Converged Infrastructure Implementation & Government ICT Network Upgrade ProjectOpen Tender4:00pm Friday 20th November 2020 ( CI Time)
CK202106Office of the Prime MinisterHyper-Converged Infrastructure Implementation & Government ICT Network Upgrade ProjectOpen Tender4:00pm Friday 20th November 2020 ( CI Time)
RFQ - MOE 2021Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education 2021 School Stationery Quote Process NoticeRequest for Quotes4:00pm Monday 12th October 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192024Office of the Prime MinisterPolicy and Planning Technical AssistanceOpen Tender12:00pm Wednesday 29th July 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192024Office of the Prime MinisterEnergy Sector Stocktake and Review Study - Cook Islands.Open Tender2:00pm Thursday 23rd July 2020 ( CI Time)
MESV #28National Environment ServiceProject Coordinator, Marine Ecosystem Services Valuation Request for Quotes3:00pm Friday 10th July 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192033Infrastructure Cook IslandsBridge & Structures Asset Management - Consultant ServicesOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 12th June 2020 ( CI Time)
MEC (Position #9)National Environment ServiceMarine Ecology ConsultantRequest for Quotes3:00pm Wednesday 3rd June 2020 ( CI Time)
MESV (Position #26)National Environment ServiceConsultant, Marine Ecosystem Services Valuation (MESV) (position #26)Request for Quotes3:00pm Friday 5th June 2020 ( CI Time)
MMR-CIPMAMinistry of Marine ResourcesCook Islands Pearl Market Analysis - Consultancy services.Expression of Interest4:00pm Friday 29th May 2020 ( CI Time)
GIS (Position #21)National Environment ServiceGIS Specialist, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) (position #21)Request for Quotes4:00pm Wednesday 20th May 2020 ( CI Time)
MSP (position #15)National Environment ServiceTeam Leader, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) (position #15)Request for Quotes4:00pm Wednesday 20th May 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192030Infrastructure Cook IslandsNassau Harbour Improvement – Design ServicesOpen Tender12:00pm Friday 15th May 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192034Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of 50 Ton Excavator and Implements and Training of Excavator OperatorsOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 11th May 2020 ( CI Time)
RFQ PAMP #6National Environment ServiceProtected Areas Management Policy Adviser (position #6b)Request for Quotes3:00pm Wednesday 6th May 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192023Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Bridges and Structures, Maintenance and ImprovementsOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 20th April 2020 ( CI Time)
RFQ position #18National Environment ServiceMARAE MOANA OUTLOOK REPORT 2020 – LEAD REVIEWER (position #18)Request for Quotes3:00pm Friday 10th April 2020 ( CI Time)
RFQ position #19 and #20National Environment ServiceMARAE MOANA OUTLOOK REPORT 2020 – REVIEWER (position #19 and #20)Request for Quotes3:00pm Friday 10th April 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192020Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply of Skid-steer Loader and ImplementsOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 23rd March 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192022Infrastructure Cook IslandsPenrhyn Island Cyclone Centres ConstructionOpen Tender12:00pm Monday 24th February 2020 ( CI Time)
RFQ #26National Environment ServiceNational Technical SpecialistRequest for Quotes3:00pm Monday 24th February 2020 ( CI Time)
TA RapCAInfrastructure Cook IslandsTechnical Expert for a Rapid Assessment of Priority Coastal Areas (RapCA)Request for Quotes3:00pm Friday 14th February 2020 ( CI Time)
#25 – Marine Strategy AdviserNational Environment ServiceMarine Strategy AdviserRequest for Quotes4:00pm Friday 14th February 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192026Ministry of Finance and Economic Management2020 PA ENUA SHIPPING CHARTEROpen Tender4:00pm Friday 7th February 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192021Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Drainage Culvert Replacement & ImprovementsOpen Tender12:00pm Friday 17th January 2020 ( CI Time)
CK192018Ministry of Internal AffairsKopu Tangata Matutu Country PlanOpen Tender4:00pm Thursday 5th December 2019 ( CI Time)
CK192017Airport Authority TRACTOR MOWER FOR RAROTONGA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, COOK ISLANDSOpen Tender12:00pm Wednesday 27th November 2019 (CI Time)
CK192003Ports AuthorityPurchase and Supply of 75 ton Mobile CraneOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 29th November 2019 (CI Time)
CK192004Ports AuthorityTender New Tug for Avatiu HabourOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 25th October 2019 (CI Time)
EOI201902Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementNorthern Group Shipping CharterExpression of Interest4:00pm Wednesday 6th November 2019 (CI Time)
CK192010Infrastructure Cook IslandsAvatiu Punanganui Market Bridge ReplacementOpen Tender12:00pm Wednesday 30th October 2019 (CI Time)
EOI 192001Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementLanding Craft Vessel OperatorExpression of Interest4:00pm Friday 4th October 2019 (CI Time)
CK192015Cook Islands Investment CorporationDemolition of Old Justice BuildingOpen Tender4:00pm Tuesday 17th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192014Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementLanding Craft VesselOpen Tender4:00pm Monday 16th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192012Infrastructure Cook IslandsROADSIDE REFUSE & RECYCLING Open Tender3:00pm Friday 13th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192008Office of the Prime MinisterICT Project ManagerOpen Tender4:00pm Thursday 12th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192013Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementEconomic Development Conference Technical Assistance - Facilitation ServicesRequest for Quotes4:00pm Tuesday 10th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192011Cook Islands Investment CorporationMFEM Modular OfficesOpen Tender4:00pm Tuesday 10th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192005Ministry of Education2019 LAPTOP TenderOpen Tender4:00pm Thursday 5th September 2019 (CI Time)
CK192006Ministry of Education2019 IPAD TenderOpen Tender4:00pm Thursday 5th September 2019 (CI Time)
CIRESP-007-CK181929Office of the Prime MinisterRarotonga Battery Energy Storage System "Power Station"Open Tender2:00pm Wednesday 7th August 2019 (CI Time)
CK192001Airport Authority Cook IslandsRUNWAY REINSTATEMENT PLAN FOR RAROTONGA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, COOK ISLANDSOpen Tender12:00pm Thursday 25th July 2019 (CI Time)
CK181932Parliamentary ServicesConsolidation of Cook Islands LawsOpen Tender4:00pm Wednesday 31st July 2019 (CI Time)
CK181930Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementTe Mato Vai – Access Road Maintenance Contractor PanelOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 21st June 2019 (CI Time)
CK181931Cook Islands Investment CorporationSports Arena Roller Doors and Steel WorksOpen Tender4:00pm Tuesday 18th June 2019 (CI Time)
CK181925Infrastructure Cook IslandsIndustrial Glass CrusherOpen Tender3:00p.m. Monday 17th June 2019 (CI Time)
RFQ TMVMinistry of Finance and Economic ManagementTakuvaine Dwellings Water SupplyRequest for Quotes3:00pm Friday 14th June 2019 (CI Time)
CK181924Avaroa Cables LimitedManatua Submarine Cable InstallationOpen Tender9:00a.m. Tuesday 4th June 2019 (CI Time)
EOI TTVTo Tatou Vai Supply of Water Treatment ChemicalsExpression of Interest4.00pm, Friday 31 May 2019, (CI Time)
CK181923Infrastructure Cook IslandsTereora Drainage ImprovementsOpen Tender12:00p.m. Friday 31st May 2019 (CI Time)
RFQ MTVKTVMinistry of Finance and Economic ManagementSite Assistance - Muri Waste Water Treatment Plant Feasibility InvestigationRequest for Quotes3:00pm Friday 24th May 2019
CK181918Infrastructure Cook Islands Stormwater Drainage Material SupplyOpen Tender12:00p.m. Thursday 9th May 2019 (CI Time)
CK181922Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementTechnical Assistance Service to prepare a Business Case for the Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai (MTVKTV) Wastewater Project Open Tender4:00p.m. Wednesday 8th May 2019 (CI Time)
CK181919Infrastructure Cook Islands Rarotonga Road MarkingOpen Tender12:00p.m. Friday 3rd May 2019 (CI Time)
EOI1819-01Bank of the Cook IslandsGround Floor Renovations - Architectural DesignExpression of Interest3:00p.m. Friday 26th April 2019 (CI Time)
CK181920Avaroa Cables LimitedCook Islands Cable Landing StationOpen Tender3:00p.m. Friday 5th April 2019 (CI Time)
CK181917Infrastructure Cook Islands Penrhyn Cyclone Centre's - Design ServicesOpen Tender12:00p.m. Friday 29th March 2019 (CI Time)
CK181914Infrastructure Cook Islands Atiu Road Upgrade - Purchase and Supply of BitumenOpen Tender3:00p.m. Friday 1st March 2019 (CI Time)
CK181912Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementTMV Access Road Maintenance Contractor PanelOpen Tender3:00p.m. Friday 15th March 2019 (CI Time)
Q1819-01Bank of the Cook IslandsNZ IFRS 9 - ModellingRequest for Quote3:00p.m. Friday 28th February 2019 (CI Time)
CK181910Cook Islands Tourism CorporationCook Islands Tourism Crisis Management PlanOpen Tender3:00p.m. Monday 11th February 2019 (CI Time)
CK181911Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementBeach Nourishment at Nukupure Park and Erosion Protection at Vaiterenga StreamOpen Tender3:00p.m. Friday 21st December 2018 (CI Time)
CK181907Climate Change Cook IslandsThird National Communication ConsultancyOpen Tender3:00p.m. Monday 17th December 2018 (CI Time)
CK181909Cook Islands Investment CorporationNukutere College Rebuild ProjectOpen Tender4:00p.m. Friday 14th December 2018
CK181908Infrastructure Cook IslandsAvatiu Stream Embankment StabilisationOpen Tender12:00 noon, 12 November 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CKQ-181909Infrastructure Cook IslandsAvatiu Punanganui Market Bridge Replacement - Design ServicesRequest for Proposals12:00 noon, 29 October 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK181906Airport Authority Cook IslandsDevelopment of an Airport Master Plan for Rarotonga International Airport
Open Tender12:00p.m. Thursday, 11th October 2018 (Cook Islands)
CK181902Ministry of Marine ResourcesR2R Survey BoatOpen Tenders4:00p.m. Monday 24th September 2018 (CI Time)
CK181904Ministry of Education2018 LAPTOP TenderOpen Tenders4:00p.m. Thursday 6th September 2018 (CI Time)
CK181903Ministry of Education2018 iPad TenderOpen Tenders4:00p.m. Thursday 6th September 2018 (CI Time)
RFP1819-01Office of the Prime MinisterMarae Moana - Strategic Finance Mechanism and Communications StrategyRequest for Proposals4:00p.m. Monday 3rd September 2018 (CI TIme)
CK181901Te Aponga UiraAvatiu Valley Power Station: Control System Project
Request for Proposals3.00p.m. Friday 28th September 2018 (CI Time).
CK171832 & CK171836Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementCIG 1718 Vehicle and Shipping TendersOpen Tenders4:00pm Wednesday 27 June 2018 (CI Time)
CK171835Cook Islands Investment Corporation Supply and Delivery of materials for Pukapuka Hospital Renovation ProjectOpen Tender3:00pm Friday 22 June 2018 (CI Time)
CK171823Infrastructure Cook IslandsPalmerston Island Cyclone ShelterOpen Tender12:00p.m. Friday, 29th June 2018 (Cook Islands)
CK171830Airport Authority Cook IslandsSupply and Install Incinerator SystemOpen Tender4:00p.m. Tuesday, 29th May 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
EOI30Tauranga Vananga - Ministry of Cultural DevelopmentTe Maeva Nui 2018 Shipping ServicesExpression of Interest12:00p.m. Wednesday 18th April 2018
CK171820Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Bridge and Structure MaintenanceOpen Tender3:00p.m. Friday 20th April 2018
CK171827Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Road Improvement Project, ArorangiOpen Tender12:00p.m. Thursday, 29th March 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171829Infrastructure Cook IslandsRarotonga Road Improvement Project, Apii NIkao Footpath ConstructionOpen Tender12:00p.m. Tuesday, 27th March 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171824Ministry of TransportDevelopment and Implementation of the MoT Quality Management SystemOpen Tender4:00p.m. Monday 12th March 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171826Te Aponga UiraPower Cable Replacement ProjectOpen Tender3.00p.m. Wednesday 6th March 2018
EOI29Ministry of TransportFixed Term Maritime Technical ManagerExpression of Interest4:00p.m. Monday 5th March 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
171807Ministry of Internal AffairsOccupational Safety and Health National Reform ProjectOpen Tender4:00p.m. Wednesday 14th February 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171819Ministry of Finance & Economic ManagementPublic Expenditure Review of the Economic, Social and Environmental SectorsOpen Tender3.30p.m. Monday 22nd January 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171818Ministry of Finance & Economic ManagementStudy of Foreign Investment in the Cook Islands
Quote4:00 p.m. Friday, 19 January 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
EOI28Ministry of HealthAmbulance for Rarotonga HospitalExpressions of Interest4:00p.m. Friday 12th January 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171815Office of the Prime MinisterRarotonga Battery Energy Storage Systems “Power Station” and “Airport South”Open Tender12:00p.m. Tuesday 20 February 2018 (Cook Islands Time)
EOI201701Bank of the Cook IslandsTechnology PartnershipExpressions of Interest3:00 pm Friday 15 December 2017 (UTC-10)
CK171816Ministry of HealthMedical Incinerator for Rarotonga HospitalOpen Tender4:00p.m. Thursday 14th December 2017 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171814Airport Authority Cook IslandsSupply and Installation of Fire Station Garage DoorsOpen Tender4:00p.m. Friday 8th December 2017 (Cook Islands Time)
CK171813Revenue Management Division - Ministry of Finance & Economic ManagementAEOI Common Reporting SystemClosed Tender5.00pm Monday 20 November 2017 (Cook Islands time)
CK171812Ministry of EducationSupply of Stationery 2018Open Tender4.00pm Wednesday 15th November 2017
CK171811Te Aponga UiraPower Cable Replacement ProjectOpen Tender3.00pm Wednesday 15th November 2017
CK171810Ministry of HealthAmbulance for Rarotonga HospitalOpen Tender4:00 PM Wednesday 8th November 2017
CK171809Infrastructure Cook IslandsEMPIRE BRIDGE REPLACEMENT - DESIGN SERVICESOpen Tender3:00 PM 17 November 2017 (UTC-10)
171805Ministry of Education2017 Supply of IPAD'sOpen Tender4:00 PM 18 October 2017 (UTC-10)
171806Ministry of Education2017 Supply of LaptopsOpen Tender4:00 PM 18 October 2017 (UTC-10)
Q17-02Infrastructure Cook IslandsATIU QUARRY DRILLING & BLASTINGQuote 3:00 PM 10 October 2017 (UTC-10)
EOI2017Infrastructure Cook IslandsAPPLICATION FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST EOI3:00 PM 25 September 2017 (UTC-10)
161717Office of the Prime MinisterAitutaki Renewable Energy System under Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project (COO46453-002) Phase 2– (Aitutaki)Open Tender12:00 PM 14 September 2017 (UTC-10)
161706Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementCOMMISSIONING OF THE RINGMAIN FOR THE TE MATO VAI PROJECT STAGE 1 Open Tender3:00 PM 18 August 2017 (UTC-10)
161731Infrastructure Cook IslandsRUTAKI FORESHORE FEASIBILITY STUDY PROJECT - ID No.161731Open Tender3:00 PM 12 May 2017 (UTC-10)
161730Office of the Prime MinisterMauke Fishing Boat Project: Supply and delivery of Boats Trailers and AccessoriesOpen Tender2:00 PM 1 May 2017 (UTC-10)
161723Infrastructure Cook IslandsPURCHASE AND SUPPLY OF A LARGE BOAT AND OUTBOARD MOTORS - CONTRACT No. C17-01/ID 161723Open Tender3:00 PM 7 April 2017 (UTC-10)
161724Infrastructure Cook IslandsPURCHASE AND SUPPLY OF GALVANIZED STEEL WATER TANK FOR MITIARO ISLAND GOVERNMENT - CONTRACT No. C17-04/ID 161724Open Tender3:00 PM 7 April 2017 (UTC-10)
161726Infrastructure Cook IslandsPURCHASE AND SUPPLY OF HIAB TRUCK FOR MANGAIA ISLAND GOVERNMENT - CONTRACT No. C17-02/ID 161726Open Tender3:00 PM 7 April 2017 (UTC-10)
161728Ministry of Education2017 Photocopier Tender Open Tender4:00 PM 5 April 2017 (UTC-10)
161727Ministry of Education2017 Printer TenderOpen Tender4:00 PM 5 April 2017 (UTC-10)
161720Ministry of Internal AffairsCook Islands Social Impact Fund - Programming FundingOpen Tender3:00 PM 28 February 2017 (UTC-10)
161713Office of the Prime MinisterMitiaro Household Water Tanks Project: Supply and Delivery of Materials Open Tender2:00 PM 21 February 2017 (UTC-10)
161719Office of the Prime MinisterCIRESP-004: 161719: Civil Works for Renewable Energy Power Stations on Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro under Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project (COO46453-002) Phase 1Open Tender12:00 PM 27 January 2017 (UTC-10)
161716Infrastructure Cook IslandsRAROTONGA ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROJECT, TAKUVAINE TO AVATIU - CONTRACT No. C16-12Open Tender3:00 PM 22 November 2016 (UTC-10)
161715Ministry of Education2016 IPAD Mini TenderOpen Tender4:00 PM 20 October 2016 (UTC-10)
161714Ministry of Education2016 Laptop TenderOpen Tender4:00 PM 20 October 2016 (UTC-10)
161708Office of the Prime MinisterRarotonga Battery Energy Storage System under Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project (COO46453-002) – Phase 2 (Rarotonga)Open Tender12:00 PM 20 October 2016 (UTC-10)
161707Office of the Prime MinisterElectricity distribution system MV and LV upgrade for Mauke and Mitiaro Islands under Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project (COO46453-002) – Phase 1 Open Tender12:00 PM 18 October 2016 (UTC-10)
161712Ministry of Education2017 School Stationery & Consumables Open Tender4:00 PM 28 September 2016 (UTC-10)
161711Infrastructure Cook IslandsTAKUVAINE STREAM ROCK GABION WALL PROJECT - CONTRACT No. C16-07/ID 161711Open Tender3:00 PM 28 September 2016 (UTC-10)
161710Infrastructure Cook IslandsAVATIU VALLEY BRIDGE IMPROVEMENTS AND STRAEM EMBANKMENTS STABILISATION PROJECT - CONTRACT No. C16-07/ID 161710Open Tender3:00 PM 23 September 2016 (UTC-10)
161709Cook Islands Investment CorporationApii Nikao Temporary ClassroomsOpen Tender3:00 PM 22 September 2016 (UTC-10)
161703Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementRequest for Tender for the Provision of Contractor Services to the Manihiki Lagoon Clean-Up Project Open Tender1:00 PM 7 September 2016 (UTC-10)
161702Cook Islands Investment CorporationTereora College Stage 1 Demolition and EarthworksOpen Tender3:00 PM 26 August 2016 (UTC-10)
151648Cook Islands Investment CorporationREQUEST FOR TENDERS - Tereora College Stage 1 worksOpen Tender4:00 PM 25 August 2016 (UTC-10)
161701Cook Islands Investment CorporationREQUEST FOR TENDERS - Client Representative-Technical Specialist, Apii Nikao RebuildOpen Tender3:00 PM 29 July 2016 (UTC-10)
151644Ports AuthorityAitutaki Barge TenderOpen Tender3:00 PM 13 June 2016 (UTC-10)
151643Office of the Prime MinisterIvirua Household Water Tanks Project: Supply and Delivery of Materials Open Tender1:00 PM 27 May 2016 (UTC-10)
151641Te Aponga Uira O Tumu Te VarovaroServices Contract:Stage 2: Rarotonga Renewable Energy Implementation Plan to 2020 and BeyondOpen Tender3:00 PM 19 May 2016 (UTC-10)
151638Office of the Prime MinisterClimate Early Warning System (CLEWS): Supply and Training for the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of an Automatic Weather StationOpen Tender1:00 PM 2 May 2016 (UTC-10)
151639Te Aponga Uira O Tumu Te VarovaroIT Upgrade – Software
Supply, Installation, Implementation and Training
Open Tender12:00 PM 11 April 2016 (UTC-10)
151607Office of the Prime MinisterAitutaki: Supply and Delivery of Fertilisers, Agricultural Products and ContainerOpen Tender1:00 PM 26 March 2016 (UTC-10)
151625Office of the Prime MinisterSolar Photovoltaic plants under Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector Project (COO46453-002) Phase 1 (Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro)Energy Sector Project Phase 1. Open Tender12:00 PM 18 March 2016 (UTC-10)
151632Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementRequest for Proposal for Project Manager Manihiki Lagoon Clean UpOpen Tender3:00 PM 29 February 2016 (UTC-10)
151631Ministry of Foreign Affairs ImmigrationStrengthening Immigration Cook IslandsOpen Tender4:00 PM 15 February 2016 (UTC-10)
151630Ministry of HealthHAMILTON MEDICAL T1 TRANSPORT VENTILATOROpen Tender4:00 PM 15 February 2016 (UTC-10)
151628Ministry of EducationDevelopment of Models and Recommendations on Medium Term Infrastructure Plans for the Education Sector in the Cook IslandsOpen Tender3:00 PM 8 February 2016 (UTC - 10)
151627Office of the Prime MinisterNorthern Group Community Water Catchment and Storage Upgrade: Supply and Delivery of Building MaterialsOpen Tender1:00 PM 28 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151626Ministry of TransportAviation TA Support for the Ministry of TransportOpen Tender4:00 PM 12 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151624Ministry of HealthPublic Expenditure Review on HealthOpen Tender3:00 PM 22 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151623Ministry of Internal AffairsEvaluation of Cook Islands Social Impact FundOpen Tender3:00 PM 18 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151622Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementConsultancy Services - Financial and SystemsOpen Tender4:00 PM 21 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151621Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementEvaluation Services Air New Zealand UnderwriteOpen Tender3:00 PM 22 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151620Infrastructure Cook IslandsBitumen TruckOpen Tender3:00 PM 18 December 2015 (UTC - 10)
151619Office of the Prime MinisterAtiu Water Upgrade-Phase 1Open Tender1:00 PM 11 January 2016 (UTC - 10)
151616Office of the Prime MinisterGovernance and Management for the Generation and Supply of Electricity in the Cook IslandsOpen Tender4:00 PM 23 November 2015 (UTC - 10)
151615Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementMaritime Technical Support for the Ministry of TransportOpen Tender3:00 PM 4 November 2015 (UTC - 10)
151614Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementTrasnportation of Agricultural Equipments and Raw Materials to the Pa EnuaOpen Tender3:00 PM 9 October 2015 (UTC - 10)
151613Ministry of Education2016 School Stationery and ConsumablesOpen Tender4:00 PM 13 October 2015 (UTC - 10)
151612Te Mato VaiMaterials for the Installation of Water Meters for Te Mato Vai ProjectOpen Tender12:00 PM 9 November 2015 (UTC - 10)
151611Ministry of HealthOperating TableOpen Tender4:00 PM 30 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151610Office of the Prime MinisterFinance SpecialistOpen Tender4:00 PM 14 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151609Ministry of Education2015 IPAD MINIOpen Tender4:00 PM 10 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151608Ministry of Education2015 Laptop TenderOpen Tender4:00 PM 10 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151606Ministry of Finance Economic ManagementEvaluation and Reporting ServicesOpen Tender3:00 PM 11 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151605Ministry of Internal AffairsPurchase of cargo truckOpen Tender3:00 PM 18 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151604Te Mato VaiMaterials for the Commisioning of the Ringmain for the Te Mato Vai project Stage 1Open Tender12:00 PM 18 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151603Office of the Prime MinisterSupply of Solar Modules for the Cook Islands GovernmentClosed Tender3:00 PM 22 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151602Airport AuthorityFor the Supply of an Instrument Landing System for Rarotonga International Airport, Cook IslandsOpen Tender4:00 PM 28 September 2015 (UTC - 10)
151601Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementRecruitment of a Maritime Technical Advisor for the Ministry of TransportOpen Tender3:00 PM 1 Septemebr 2015 (UTC - 10)
ADB1501Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Renewable Energy Sector Project – Project Owner EngineerOpen Tender6 March 2015 (UTC -10)
141547Te Aponga UiraTAU New Power House Platform Civil WorksOpen Tender3:00 PM 8 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141546Infrastructure Cook IslandsPurchase and Supply of ICI Bitumen TruckOpen Tender16 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141545Ministry of HealthOxygen PlantOpen Tender16 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141544Infrastructure Cook IslandsBuilding CodeOpen Tender3:00PM August 2015 (UTC - 10)
141543Office of the Prime MinisterMauke ChillerOpen Tender24 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141542Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementConstruction of an Audio-Visual Room for the Ministry of Cultural DevelopmentOpen Tender9 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141541Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementSupply of Emergency Safety Equipment for the Ministry of Marine ResourcesOpen Tender9 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141540Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementAV Equipment TenderOpen Tender9 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141538Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementFinance Development ManagerOpen Tender4:00 PM 22 June 2015 (UTC - 10)
141537Ministry of HealthHaematology Instruments & Ultrasound EquipmentOpen Tender22 June 2015 (UTC - 10)
141536Office of the Prime MinisterTamarua Household Water TankOpen Tender15 May 2015 (UTC - 10)
141535Infrastructure Cook IslandsPurchase and Supply of Atiu Tip TruckOpen Tender3:00 PM 20 May 2015 (UTC - 10)
141534Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementProject Management of the Southern Cook Islands Renewable Energy ProgrammeOpen Tender15 May 2015 (UTC - 10)
141533Ministry of TransportCLEWS Supply and Training for the installation, operation and maintenance of an automatic weather stationOpen Tender22 June 2015 (UTC - 10)
141532Office of the Prime MinisterAtiu Power Upgrade Project - Supply and Delivery of Electrical MaterialsOpen Tender15 May 2015 (UTC - 10)
141531Office of the Prime MinisterEnvironmental Specialist Consultancy ServiceOpen Tender23 February 2015 (UTC - 10)
141530Cook Islands PoliceSearch and Rescue BoatOpen Tender23 February 2015 (UTC - 10)
141529Office of the Prime MinisterAtiu Power Upgrade Project - High Voltage Electrical EquipmentOpen Tender15 May 2015 (UTC - 10)
141528Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementReport on Cook Islands Banks Operating in the NZ Payments SystemOpen Tender9 April 2015 (UTC - 10)
141527Ministry of Education2015 School Laptop TenderOpen Tender13 April 2015 (UTC - 10)
141526Ministry of Education2015 School Server SystemOpen Tender13 April 2015 (UTC - 10)
141525Ministry of HealthImmo Assay Analyser and LaparascopeOpen Tender30 April 2015 (UTC - 10)
141524Infrastructure Cook IslandsConstruction of Fuel Depot Concrete Bunding PlatformOpen Tender30 April 2015 (UTC - 10)
141523Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply and Fabrication of Fuel Tanks - Aitutaki Power SupplyOpen Tender23 February 2015 (UTC - 10)
141522Infrastructure Cook IslandsSanitation Upgrade ProgrammeOpen Tender23 February 2015 (UTC - 10)
141521Te Mato VaiService for the supervision of Te Mato Vai Project Stage 2 Construction TMV-RFP .001/2015Open Tender12:00 PM 4 March 2015 (UTC -10)
141520Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementInternal Audit FunctionOpen Tender6 March 2015 (UTC -10)
141519Infrastructure Cook IslandsSupply and Installation of Atiu CrusherOpen Tender3:00 PM 23 February 2015 (UTC -10)
141518Cook Islands Tourism CorporationsAre Tapaeanga Project - Avatiu Western Basin MarinaOpen Tender4:00 PM 16 January 2015 (UTC -10)
141517Office of the Prime MinisterTender for Computer System UpgradeOpen Tender4:00 PM 18 February 2015 (UTC -10)
141517Te Mato VaiConstruction/rehabilitation of water intakes, treatment plants, shortage, trunkmain pipelines and road improvementsOpen Tender12:00 PM 21 July 2015 (UTC - 10)
141516Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementDistribution of Equipment, Machinery and Materials TenderOpen Tender3 February 2015 (UTC - 10)
141515Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementServices for the Supervision of Te Mato Vai Project Stage 2 Construction. Construction TMV RFP .003/2014Open Tender12:00 PM 1 December 2014(UTC -10)
141514Cook Islands Investment CorporationAvatea Hall ImprovementsOpen Tender3:00 PM 28 November 2014(UTC -10)
141513Cook Islands Investment CorporationApii Nikao Site PreparationOpen Tender3:00 PM 28 November 2014(UTC -10)
141512Te Aponga UiraPower House Generation ProjectOpen Tender3:00 PM 26 November 2014(UTC -10)
141511Cook Islands Airport AuthoritySupply of Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Systems for Rarotonga International AirportOpen Tender20 March 2015 (UTC -10)
141510Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementAccredidation of Water Tank SuppliersOpen Tender4:00PM 1 October 2014(UTC -10)
141509Cook Islands Airport AuthorityFire Appliance VehicleOpen Tender4:00 PM 26 August 2014 (UTC - 10)
141508Ministry of Marine ResourcesEnvironmental Impact Assessment of discarded pearl farming equipment and other debris within Manihiki Lagoon, and a Feasibility/Cost Benefit StudyOpen Tender2:00 PM 3 November 2014(UTC -10)
141507Cook Islands Investment CorporationPrincess Anne Hall and BCI Stadium Embarkment Bathroom UpgradesOpen Tender3:00 PM 13 October 2014(UTC -10)
141506Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education
School Stationery and Consumables Tender
Open Tender4:00 PM 1 October 2014(UTC -10)
141505Infrastructure Cook IslandsProject City Road ConstructionOpen Tender3:00 PM 3 October 2014(UTC -10)
141504Ministry of Finance and Economic ManagementLoan Repayment TenderOpen Tender4:00 PM 10 October 2014(UTC -10)
141503Infrastructure Cook IslandsPURCHASE AND Supply of Bobcat forPukapuka IslandOpen Tender3:00 PM 12 September 2014(UTC -10)
141502Infrastructure Cook IslandsSludge Management Assessment for Rarotonga & AitutakOpen Tender4:00 PM 22 August 2014 (UTC -10)