MEI TE VAI- KI TE VAI Tender for the following Contract:

Beach Nourishment at Nukupure Park and Erosion Protection at Vaiterenga Stream

  • The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management wishes to implement the ‘Mei Te Vai Ki Te Vai – Beach Nourishment at Nukupure Park and Erosion Protection at Vaiterenga Stream’ works. This RFT is for procurement of services to hire machinery and equipment, supply labour, and supply selected material, for the purposes of renourishing a section of beach and construct erosion protection at a stream as detailed in the project drawings and the contractor’s approved methodology.
  • The successful contractor will be required to carry out the following works
  • Erosion and Sediment Controls at park and stream.
  • Source, transport and deliver rocks to Park Worksite.
  • Movement of beach material from stream and stockpile above MHWS on beach.
  • Erosion protection at stream using large diameter rocks.
  • Load rocks at Parks Worksite and cart with trucks to Stream Worksite.
  • Transport beach material for renourishment of nearby beach.
  • All works to be between high tides.
  • If you are interested in tendering for the above contact please contact Martin Smith, Project Manager, MTV-KTV PMU via email: or express an interest
  • Prospective Tenderers can also express their interest to participate in the RFT process by registering on the Asia Pacific Public E-Government Procurement (e-GP) portal at:

  • Tender documents will be sent by email to interested parties or downloaded via registration through the e-GP portal.
  • Tender Closing Time and Date: 3:00pm, Friday 21 December 2018 (CI Time).




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