Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
Development Coordination Division
Request for Quotes (RFQ)
Green Climate Fund – Project Preparation

The Development Coordination seeks to procure suitable qualified consultants to assist in the preparation of the full project proposal title “Building Resilient and Healthy Cook Island Communities for submission to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The GCF has approved the concept note “Building Resilient and Healthy Cook Island Communities” and associated project preparation facility application to enable the Cook Islands to more towards the Full proposal stage.

The request for quotes are for the following consultancies;

  • Health and Climate Change Expert
  • Economic Analyst
  • Gender Expert

Interested suppliers can obtain RFQ files by registering their interest with

Submission close 4pm Wednesday 22th August 2022.  Quotes to undertake the scope of works outlined within the RFQ are to be submitted to




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