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Economic Planning Division – Contract role 3-5 months / Cook Islands


The Economic Planning Division is seeking a Consultant to support us with scoping an intervention(s) to resolve roadblocks in interbank settlement, to make way for better integration between online Payments and the three Cook Islands banks.   

​We are looking for someone who is a problem solver, with a deep knowledge of banking and payments, and the tenacity to not give up in the face of challenges.

They would have a can-do attitude and a willingness to work constructively with banks.

They must declare conflicts of interest and be prepared to manage conflicts actively.

Our ideal is someone part time for 3-5 months, extendable.

​Your role will be to prepare a high-level project plan that sets out the steps and investments required to achieve this vision:

“Deposits from web transactions can seamlessly land in Cook Island accounts provided by any of the three Cook Islands registered banks.” 

The examination and project plan will set out:

  • The boundaries of a preferred solution for Fast Payment between the three banks, including:
    1. Ownership structures (e.g. private to one bank, owned by three banks, owned by government, or public-private mixed ownership; not-for-profit)
    2. Messaging standards (e.g. IS20022)
    3. Settlement options (e.g. deferred or real time gross settlement)
  • Comparison of alternative options to the preferred solution including,
    1. Fast Payment systems with different ownership structures
    2. Integration with Payments NZ/ESAS system in NZ
    3. Integration with ATS solution used elsewhere in the Pacific
  • Details of existing technologies that have been adopted or will be adopted by the banks (like payment rail, switching or API technologies) that may affect what Fast Payment solution is chosen.

If it is agreed by MFEM and the banking regulator FSC to pursue the preferred solution, then next steps (alongside a Digital Financial Analyst engaged by UNCDF) might include, for example,

  • Preparation of a demand-side payment flow map;
  • Market testing with payments software providers and Payments NZ, and a written summary of what technologies and or systems would be required to be implemented by Banks before fintec providers of payments services could integrate with the preferred solution;
  • Assistance with procuring any aspect of Fast Payment Service that is to be purchased by government (procurement by banks would not be part of this role).

​​The Contract Terms are available on request.

To support your application, please provide the following:

  1. ​A cover letter;
  2. A statement of your availability between October 2023 and March 2024 (for example, hours per week and total hours);
  3. A description of your right to work in the Cook Islands (e.g. Cook Islander or employed by a Cook Islands Registered Business; or overseas applicant);
  4. Your hourly rate (including all applicable taxes); and
  5. A copy of your full updated curriculum vitae or resume.

​​The application deadline for the above position being received is 1 October 2023. Submissions to   

If you have any questions, and to apply please contact us.

Sally Wyatt, Economic Planning Division, phone (+682) 29511

Download Documents below:

Conflict of Interest Declaration-Quote Suppliers



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