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Ocean Monitoring Programme Consultant

The Development Coordination Division is inviting quotations for an Ocean Monitoring Programme Consultant. The main objective is to assess and determine the requirements for an ocean monitoring programme within the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to provide information on climate change impacts. Based on the assessment, the consultant will recommend the most suitable method of data collection. The assessment will include analysis and storage requirements of data and information.

Interested suppliers are requested to submit a quote to undertake the scope of works outlined within the RFQ. The forms can be obtained by registering your interest on the Cook Islands Government Procurement Portal: and downloading all files relating to this RFQ.

Submission of Quotations must be submitted via the Procurement Portal before the deadline for submission of quotes: 4.00pm (CI Time) Tuesday 28 February 2023.

The contract start date will be in April 2023.

Any questions relating to this RFQ must be in writing via e-mail and directed to the Contact Person:

Raymond Newnham,

ENAP Programme Manager,

Email address:



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