The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to obtain tenders for the supply of one Walk-in Chiller unit. Under this contract the Principal wishes to obtain tenders for the supply of a Walk-in Cooler and accessories; provide training for operations and maintenance of the Chiller; and manualsĀ areĀ to be provide as required.

The contractor is to supply and install one Walk-in Chiller, all electrical components and accessories, and train two personnel for the operation and maintenance of the Cooler and accessories. The Chiller unit is to be installed inside an existing building at the airport on the island of Mauke and the training to be carried out on the island.

Tenders shall be submitted in two complete hardcopy copies.

Tenders shall be deposited in the Tenders Box at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Fax and electronic tenders will not be acceptable.

Tenders shall close at 3:00PM, 24 July 2015.

This tender has been extended to close at 3:00pm, 27 August 2015 (UTC-10).

During the tender period any enquiries regarding the Tender Documents shall be directed to the Technical Advisor, Rarotonga Cook Islands.

Mr. Ben Parakoti
Technical Advisor
Cook Islands
Mobile: +682-77815

Download Tender Documents Below:


Appendix I Rack Shelving Layout

Appendix III Mauke Terminal Building Site Plan


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