Name of Bidder who submitted the bid Bid price as read out at bid opening Evaluated prices of each bid that was evaluated (US$) Bids that were rejected Reason for rejection
1 Beijin Dynamic Power US$4,742,367.24 X Non-conforming bid
2 Akuo Energy US$4,253,415
$ 5,442,148.77
3 Dongfang Electric International Corp/Jiangsu Huafu High Technology (Joint Venture) US$4,014,163 X Not substantially responsive
4 Woojin Industrial Systems US$8,106,642 $ 9,125,635.93
5 MPower Projects Pty Ltd / MPower Pacific Pty Ltd (Joint Venture)  US$3,943,851
$ 8,555,141.82
6 Vector Limited US$3,802,775
$ 5,094,130.63

The winning bidder was Vector Limited. The price offered was the sum of US$3,802,775 and NZ$1,945,522.

The scope of the contract is the design, supply, and installation of a battery energy storage system (BESS) at the TAU substation yard adjacent to the Rarotonga Airport, on the island of Rarotonga and connected to the electricity grid. The BESS is intended to provide increased flexibility for the TAU to manage the output of increasing capacity of renewable generation in the grid, by storing solar generation during the day for use at night and providing grid support.

The BESS shall provide and include:

  • a fully integrated, modular system, suitable for extended service in local conditions
  • usable storage capacity of 8 MWh
  • capability to charge and discharge at 2 MW
  • high voltage (11 kV) electrical connection to the grid
  • interface to the TAU SCADA
  • grid support functions.

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