Please find below Notification of Award

  Name of Bidder who submitted the bid Bid price as read out at bid opening Evaluated prices of each bid that was evaluated Bids that were rejected Reason for rejection
1 Powersmart NZ Ltd Euro444,825





2 Vergnet Pacific New Caledonia US$159,007



  X Not substantially responsive
3 Mpower Projects Ltd Australia US$187,668






4 Gamma Solutions Euro1,928,128   X Not substantially responsive
5 Barclay Engineering Australia AU$4,103,329   X Not substantially responsive
6 NetCon Limited NZ$3,443,333   X Not substantially responsive
7 Hexing CYG US$1,445,294   X Not substantially responsive

The winning bidder was Powersmart Limited NZ. The price offered was the sum of Euro444,825, AU$348,422 and NZ$2,070,212

The scope of the contract is the design, supply, and installation of a design, construction, installation, integration in the existing power system infrastructure and commission of renewable energy facilities including:  solar photovoltaic (PV) plant ; diesel generator •            Battery energy storage system; control and integration system for automatic operation and scheduling of all conventional and renewable generators in the system.

The Time for Completion of the facilities is 365 days.


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